Paradise Mistaken

Paradise Mistaken is the first in the ‘Caribbean Trilogy’

Deputy Chief Constable Sam Dillon – disillusioned by the politics of policing and drawing towards the end of his career – is appointed Commissioner of Police of the Caribbean island of Avariss. When he and his wife, Anne, leave England and arrive on the island they soon experience some of the peculiarities of Caribbean life. Dillon comes up against the problems of working in a different environment and having to deal with what he sees as strange behaviours and customs.

Meanwhile, a dark character lurks in the shadows and begins stalking his victims.

A series of violent rapes take place which, despite all efforts, seems to have the police baffled. Dillon and his detectives grow more frustrated. Public concern is mounting.

While a hurricane is looming ever nearer and a major fraud threatens the collapse of one of the island’s banks the rapist continues to stalk and claim his victims.

How many will fall prey before he’s caught?

ISBN 1-4120-9603-0

Paradise Mistaken

Paradise Mistaken is the first in the ‘Caribbean Trilogy’.

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A Body Politic

Tony Grey’s second novel – and the sequel to Paradise Mistaken.

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The final book in the Caribbean trilogy.

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